Expedition Genoa and Mainsail

Expedition GenoaWhen considering a lighter weight durable Genoa or Mainsail for local or offshore performance cruising, nothing beats our rugged Expedition series.

The engineering of these fabrics are based on our extensive technology from EL Membrane racing sails. What differentiates this from off-the-shelf cloth is that we design and manufacture the fabric from start to finish. This way we control the fibre density and location throughout the sail. This saves weight aloft and the sail loads more evenly requiring less adjustment to trim.

We use Twaron, Carbon, Vectran and other fibres combined with Mylar, adhesives and Polyester taffetas. These are laminated under high pressure to remove any excess resin to ensure the best fusing laminate available. Expedition sails are available with single or double sided taffetas.

Expedition MainsailWhile we are engineering your fabric, your sail mold is created using a custom 3-D program by our own in-house designers. Since they actively sail on our local waters, their experience will provide you with a better performing sail to suit your needs. A smooth aerodynamic profile will now evolve to become a finished product that is custom built in our own local sail lofts. From stitching to hand finishing, we assure you that our sailmakers have taken great pride while crafting your sail.

Standard for the Expedition Genoa features include: leech and foot control lines, appropriate luff tape, telltales, numbers and bag.

Options available for the Expedition Genoa: telltale windows, UV covers and foam luff system.

Standard features for the Expedition Mainsail include: tapered battens, appropriate luff hardware, telltales, cunningham, numbers, leechlines, sail ties and bag.

Options available for the Expedition Mainsail: reefs, insignia, boom covers and corporate logos.