cruising sail layout

Every sail maker will tell you they use the latest design software and latest construction techniques, but unlike Evolution Chesapeake, most of them are not actually designing and building your sail.

In the case where a “sailmaker” is designing sails, those sails are likely to be built in another country were unskilled labor is cheaper. If that “sailmaker” is from a larger international brand he is probably just placing an order with parent company, through an online portal, and you will receive their standard sail for your boat. In both cases the new sail will be built in a foreign country, at low wages, by people who probably have never sailed in Chesapeake Bay before, and certainly have never seen your sailboat.

At Evolution Sail Chesapeake, we take a different approach. 

Our designers can meet with you, on your boat to discuss your specific sailing needs. With all our processes under one roof, your designer can follow your sail through every step of the manufacturing process, from their design to sail construction to sail finish and finally delivery to your boat.
Since they are designing your new sail at one of the largest sail manufacturing facilities in the USA, they can insure that the vision you have for your sail comes shining through in the end product.