Evolution Sails Element Membrane:

Evolution Sails has over the last three years worked together with Dimension-Polyant USA, developing Element Membrane™ exclusively for Evolution Sails. Element Membrane™ is a composite product addressing an overlapping concern for both racers and cruisers for a light, rugged sailcloth membrane for increased durability. The outer skin of the Element Membrane ™ is a sheet of random array, non-woven filaments that provides increased abrasion resistance at a minimal weight gain.

The Element Membrane™ provides specific advantages when compared to the standard film/film and taffeta products:


The Element Membrane™ is designed specifically for the high-end sailor who is looking for better life expectancy in their sail. The Element Membrane™ provides superior abrasion resistance compared to the film/film styles while protecting the inner scrim construction.


The Element Membrane™ is 1.3 sm-oz (56g/sqm) lighter than the double taffeta. The weight reduction results in better performance and a more durable race product and if used in a cruising application the sail handling far exceeds other taffeta backed membranes.


Compared to standard external taffetas, water absorption is significantly less with quicker drying due to faster evaporation of moisture. In a larger yacht with furling sails this massively reduces the opportunity for unsightly mould to begin to grow.


Cosmetically, Element Membrane™ offers the same appearance from side to side and the matte finish allows for easier sail trim.


The Element Membrane™ fabrics allow for glued seams, resulting in less stretch under load. The unique Element Membrane™ composite also creates a softer hand, minimises creasing and prevents film shrinkage.

Element Membrane Included Features:

Genoa and Jib Standard features include:

  • leech and foot control lines,
  • telltale window,
  • customized luff hardware
  • appropriate luff tape
  • spreader patches
  • custom sailbag

Mainsail Standard features include:

  • tapered battens
  • appropriate luff hardware
  • cunningham
  • leechline
  • numbers
  • telltales
  • sail ties
  • custom sail bag

Mainsail Options available:

  • reefs
  • insignia
  • boom covers
  • corporate logos.