Located on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, we at Evolution Sails provide a full manufacture and service loft for the Eastern Coast of Queensland.

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We supply yacht and dinghy working sails and spinnakers for all sizes of yachts, from maxi racing boats to dinghies.

We will do your repairs and recuts promptly and efficiently, with a fast turnaround time.



Address: 231 Brisbane Rd, Labrador QLD 4215, Australia
Phone:+61 7 5537 7433



Loft Location - Queensland

Tel: 07 5537 7433
Fax: 07 5537 1900

Website: https://evolutionsails.com.au

Contact: Graham Sherring
Email: [email protected]

Contact: Caedric Reader
Email: [email protected]

Contact: Erin (Accounts)
Email: [email protected]

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