New Zealand sail maker, superyacht, racing, cruising sails

New Zealand

Evolution Sails New Zealand is owned by directors, Rodney Keenan and Graeme Robbins.  Their company forms part of the Evolution Group, an international, world class sail manufacturing, sail repair and service organisation.

ENZ manufactures and services sails for superyachts, grand prix racing yachts, large cruising yachts, domestic racing and cruising yachts.

ENZ brings their world class sailing skills, leading edge design and quality led innovations to ensure projects are secured with the international sector.

Rodney and Graeme have worldwide reputations for focusing on their customers' needs - high performance quality sails and strong service support. ENZ are aware that its reputation for quality and service is paramount. Face-to-face visits with our clients enable them to have input into the design process. ENZ are driven by the passion to build the best sail, customising each particular sail to the specific needs of the customer.