Two-True-Hobart-Winner-SpinnakerWelcome to our line of symmetrical spinnakers. With our four separate profiles to choose from, S1-S4, we guarantee improved performance and ease of sail trim. We only use the best nylon materials available to suit your specific needs.

Our series of spinnakers begin with our S1 or VMG design. We call this our “hunting” sail as we reach higher in search for wind zephyrs. For this reason, the shoulders are designed slightly narrower to allow for these angles. This sail is typically made using .5 ounce nylon and is good to about 10 knots apparent wind speed.

Our S2 is our full size all purpose kite suited for conditions between 7-18 knots apparent.

The S3 and S4 contain smaller areas and are primarily used for heavy air reaching and running. To select the best choice, feel free to discuss your inventory with one of our sailmakers.

Our spinnakers shapes are sculpted using a custom 3-D program by our in house designer. Since they actively sail on our local waters, their experience will provide you with a better performing sail to suit your needs. A smooth aerodynamic profile will now evolve to become a finished product that is custom built in our own local sail lofts. From stitching to hand finishing, we assure you that our sailmakers have taken great pride while crafting your sail.

Sail features include: numbers, leech and foot control lines and hoop bag.
Optional extras: box bags, V trim stripes and corporate logos.

Best Uses: High Performance Club Racing
PHRF/IRC/ORC - 'Round the Bouys Racing.
Serious Offshore Racing
Offshore One Designs - where class rules permit
Inshore One Designs - where class rules permit