Racing Laminates


Available in radial or crosscut designs, our laminate panel sails feature the same quality design and finishing as our membrane racing sails, but at a lower cost. These sails are perfect for club racing or one design racing on a budget.

Laminate Mainsails

We don’t cut any corners on our laminate panel mainsails. In fact, the section shapes of your panel sail will be the same as if the sail was built from a custom membrane or as a high end element sail. With glued seams throughout, we use our racing finishing to ensure the bet possible performance. Our experts can recommend a wide range of finishing options, depending on how you sail – from multiple reefs to several different batten combinations.

Laminate Genoas

Our laminate panel genoas are race ready. We understand the shape holding capabilities and durability of all the materials we don’t manufacture ourselves. This ensures that headsail will be not only be designed to win races, but will also be built to last. From 155% #1 genoas to a super durable #4 our design and manufacturing team will spec the best possible materials for your sail… and your sailing.

Best Uses: Club Racing
Weekend Racing
Offshore Racing
One Design