EM2 Membrane Plant

We make the world’s finest high performance sail membranes

As a sail maker, we’ve always believed that to make the best sails, you need the best materials. That’s why in 2016 we built our own Membrane Plant – EM2, right here in Henderson, West Auckland, New Zealand.

With state-of-the-art facilities, it’s regarded as one of the most modern sail making membrane facilities in the world.

Our legendary production process

To begin with, our designers create the optimal flying shape for your sail. We create a 3D mould using the latest sail making design software and perform detailed aero and structural analysis.

Next, we calculate the mark-up, density and layout of the fibres to ensure maximum shape retention and sail longevity. Then our custom made machinery lays any combination of exotic fibres onto a base laminate. The machine’s software is so precise, it follows the designer’s creation to the millimetre.

It’s at this point that we lay the top laminate over a powerful vacuum to eliminate all remaining solvents and oxygen.

The final crucial membrane making step is our unique electronic curing process conducted in a temperature controlled environment. This has the effect of ensuring the best lamination possible for the ultimate membrane strength and longevity.

Element Membranes

The standard setter for high performance. Our premium and most popular product. The revolutionary Element Membrane is light yet rugged and strikes the perfect balance between performance and longevity.

Expedition Membranes

Performance cruising sails you can rely on for those hard miles. Built to last and suited to both super yachts and cruising yachts. Our Expedition sails are the best for local or offshore cruising.

E-Tech Membranes

Race-bred performance, incredible potential. Startling speed. Nothing beats the E-Tech membrane series. The ultimate lightweight, high performance sail for local club racing or high performance offshore racing.


In the event of required alterations, repairs or replacement of a membrane sail due to defects in materials or workmanship that arises during normal use, we will assume responsibility for the cost of repairing or replacing the membrane.