Sails for vessels over 18 meters (60 ft.)

Our production lofts are among the largest clear span sailmaking lofts in the world. Why have a loft so big? Because we specialize in sails for larger boats – grand prix racers and superyachts. We are so committed to this market, we have a loft in Palma simply to service our superyacht clientele.

Our designers and sail engineers understand the loads and handling requirements associated with large sails and our proven designs and construction techniques ensure that your yacht – whether a cruiser, passagemaker or grand prix racer, will have have the best sails available on board. When the loads are high, getting everything right matters the most.

We have an experienced global superyacht team that are involved in every large sail project. With a worldwide network of lofts linked by the latest technology, you can be assured that most talented people in the industry will be collaborating on your sail. Striking the right balance between performance and durability is critical to delivering the best sailing experience possible.

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Some of the Superyachts using our sails…