Power & performance

Bring supreme control and mastery to every situation. The joy of sailing a super yacht with Evolution Sails is something that must be experienced to be understood. If you demand the best, our proven designs and construction techniques deliver. We’ll strike the right balance between performance and durability to deliver you the best sailing experience possible.

Made in the 'city of sails'

Each super yacht sail is hand-built for their owner in our Auckland loft and legendary ‘EM2’ membrane facility. Otherwise known as ‘the city of sails‘, Auckland has a rich maritime heritage and boasts twin harbours. We have the capabilities of building premium quality sails for any size of yacht. You can be assured that most talented people in the industry will be collaborating on your sail.

Service from Palma to French Polynesia

When a sail is 700 metres square with a weight in excess of 500 kgs, you can imagine the incredible pressures that creates on the mast, and when things go wrong, they can go horribly wrong. Sail with confidence, our highest levels of service stem from a global hand-picked network of lofts and partners around the world that have the skills necessary to ensure you’ll have the best sails aboard your boat. We understand the loads and handling requirements associated specifically with large sails. Wherever you are in the world we can arrange for service repairs. Because when the loads are high, getting everything right matters the most.

Stay in shape

We create super yacht sails that are customised precisely to your needs in the way you like to use your boat. With improved shape retention for your bespoke super yacht sails, we take the time to find out what you truly want rather than telling you what you need.

Legendary experience

Mix your business with pleasure. We’ve gained a renowned reputation over the years with a proven track record of designing and constructing supreme super yacht sails. Our New Zealand loft and membrane facility has the capabilities of building top quality sails for any size of yacht.

Find out how your next project could become another landmark in the annals of our history of super yachts that are beautiful to sail.

Our recent super yacht projects

CQS  – 100ft Bakewell -White Super Maxi

CQS is the result of a massive refit of the previously 90ft yacht Nicorette. The technical innovations that have been incorporated  push the limits of thepresent yacht design. CQS features a radical new bow shape and forward section, and lateral “wings” to support the much more powerful new rig. The maximum width is then carried all the way to the transom to widen the sheeting angles and maximize the use of the crew weight for stability.

In addition to the canting keel, CQS has a DSS aqua foil system, which uses a sliding board that runs across the boat for one side to the other, and protrudes from the hull just below the waterline. The board is deployed on the leeward, or downwind, side of the boat to give lift and added stability. The hull, in effect, becomes like an aeroplane with one wing. Evolution sails is proud to have been actively part of the boat development and have supplied all the sail inventory.

Cavallo – Baltic 141

Launched in 2003, Cavallo is a majestic 43-metre sloop, built in composite by the prestigious Finnish shipyard, Baltic Yachts. Luxury sailing yacht Cavallo features exterior design by the yard’s in-house team and Judel/Vrolijk, while her interior design is by John Munford.

All upwind sails on Cavallo are Evolution Sails Expedition Membranes.

The photo on the left has been taken during the famous Millennium Cup, the most prestigious superyacht race that takes place every year in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand.


Jacquelina – 87ft Bill-Dixon

Jacquelina is an 87′ Bill Dixon-designed cruising sloop that just underwent a rig modification from the previous Aerorig. The new set of upwind sails include a Square Top mainsail and an overlapping furling jib, which are both Evolution Sails Expedition Membranes.

The photo on the left is from the first sea trial on July 2018. Evolution sails look great!








Cartouche – 95ft Blue Coast 

Designed by the renowned naval architectural office of Coste Design & Partners and built by reputed shipyard H2X, the Blue Coast 95’ heralds a new generation of high tech opulent sailing yachts.  With a length of 28,8m and a beam over the 12m the Blue Coast 95′ is certainly one of the most elegant luxury catamaran ever built.

Cartouche is built for ease of handling and fast cruising with a minimal need for crew. The Blue Coast 95′ is to date the biggest luxury sail catamaran to equipped with a fully automatic furling boom allowing safe and easy sail reduction.

In 2018, Evolution Sails supplied a new square top Element membrane Mainsail and a E-Tech Code Zero, greatly help the boat in its performance cruising, nicely powering the boat in reaching and light-wind upwind sailing.

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