Endeavour Woven

Our Endeavour range of woven polyester (Dacron) cruising sails offer the best balance between performance and durability at a lower price. The Endeavour range comes in 2 product lines, Endeavor and Endeavor Race. These are popular sails for boats under 35 feet, as they are a perfect economical option for coastal cruising, day sailing and club racing. Whether your plans include weekending or Friday night club racing these durable sails will meet your needs.

> Coastal cruising and day sailing
 > Club racing
 > Economical prices
 > Extremely durable

Not all woven polyester sailcloth is the same. We use the latest generation of woven polyester sailcloth, constructed out of quality materials and woven to a very high density by the world’s leading cloth manufacturers. This results in all of our Endeavour sails being highly resistant to chafe and flogging, low in stretch, high in UV resistance and most importantly being extremely durable.

Our Endeavour sails are constructed using cross cut panels, meaning the denser and stronger fill yarns are aligned with the leech load paths which take the greatest stress. We have numerous weights and grades of sail cloth available in our Endeavour range. The type we use will be
based on the application and your boat to ensure your sail is tailored to meet your specific needs.
Our Endeavour line is available in various weights and grades, the qualities detailed below are the general characteristics exhibited by our products.











Element Membranes Characteristics

Grade Durability Weight gms/sqm Water Wicking
Endeavour ***** *** various ***
Endeavour Race ***** **** various ***
Colour Selection –  White






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