Explorer Tri-radial

Our Explorer range of tri-radial sails are a great solution if you are looking for a higher performance, durable cruising sail or entry level racing sails. Tri-radial sails are constructed aligning the warp fibers with the primary load paths of the sail resulting in a more durable sail, which retains its flying shape for longer than traditional woven polyester sails. The impact of a sail losing its shape cannot be underestimated, as it results in your boat tending to heel rather than accelerate, being difficult to steer along with just making the trip less enjoyable.

> Ideal for both coastal and offshore cruising
 > Entry level racing
 > High performance cruising sail
 > Additional UV and mildew treatment
 > Tri-radial construction

Our Explorer range comes in three product lines:

The Eplorer is ideal if you are wanting a hard-wearing polyester cruising laminate at an economical price. Constructed from DCXI, its outer layer of rugged taffeta covers film and X-ply inserts providing good durability and low stretch. Recommended for boats up to 50 feet.

Our Explorer Plus line is made from DCX and is perfect if you are wanting a high performing, long lasting sail featuring the latest advancements in ‘sandwich’ laminate technology. DCX’s outer layer of rugged, polyester taffeta is laminated on both sides of a film encapsulated scrim which provides excellent warp stretch performance and great tear strength. Recommended for boats up to 50 feet.

Both Explorer and Explorer Plus are coated with Dimension-Polyant’s UVM finish to improve UV resistance and reduce the chances for mildew growth.

Our Explorer Extra line uses Hydra Net radial fabric. With its special weave and finish, Hydra Net features unsurpassed strength and longevity, exceeding the specifications of the other wovens and many laminated. Hydra Net radial is an extremely tight weave achieving superior shape retention along with a soft hand. Recommended for boats over 50 feet.









Element Membranes Characteristics

Grade Durability Weight gms/sqm Water Wicking
Explorer **** **** various ****
Explorer Plus **** **** various ****
Explorer Extra ***** *** various ****
Colour Selection –  White






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