As sailors ourselves, we understand the investment you make when choosing sails. Our expert sail service technicians are dedicated to making sure your sails deliver astonishing performance.

You’ll have access to our 23 evolution franchises around the world for servicing our clients, and on top of that because of our subsidiary company EM2 Membranes, we deal with over 45 other sail brands across the globe. And we have an arrangement with most of those companies that they will service Evolution Sails. So, there’s not many parts of the world you can go now that you won’t have a service facility.

Because we’re a boutique sized sailmaker, we’re agile. That means when a ‘fire drill’ happens and a customer of ours has had a problem, we’re not waiting for someone on the other side of the planet to make a decision and see if they can help them out. We can turn sail repairs around very quickly. And that wouldn’t happen with many of our competitors around the world.

All sails serviced at Evolution Sails lofts are thoroughly inspected to spot any potential issues early, to minimise your sailing disruption and prevent problems escalating.

Our loft in Palma specializes in servicing yachts in the Mediterranean. The large facility is perfect for servicing superyacht sails. Whether you are preparing for a season in the Mediterranean or need some extra work prior to a long cruise or passage, our experienced team is ready to help you prepare. No job is too large for our superyacht experts in Palma.

At every Evolution loft, enjoy the same attention to craftsmanship, quality and service. From Cruising in Auckland, sailing Lake Ontario or the Canadian West Coast, to preparing for a journey south from the Chesapeake Bay, we are here to serve you.

We know that sails aren’t something that people really need to buy often. We want to make the whole experience enjoyable. From the ordering process to the fitting process. In most instances one of our team will go and help you put the sails on your boat.

Contact us today and let’s begin talking about your sailing needs.