Rely on the experience of our skilled craftsmen for your season service and sail repairs. We are just as happy to help you get the most from your existing sails as we are building you a new sail, so visit one of our lofts for excellent service.

Our loft in Palma specializes in servicing yachts in the Mediterranean.  The large facility is perfect for servicing superyacht sails. Whether you are preparing for a season in the Mediterranean or need some extra work prior to a long cruise or passage, our experienced team is ready to help you prepare. No job is too large for our superyacht experts in Palma.

At every Evolution loft, enjoy the same attention to craftsmanship, quality and service. Cruising in Auckland, sailing Lake Ontario or the Canadian West Coast, or preparing for a journey south from the Chesapeake Bay, we are here to serve you.

Contact us today and let’s begin talking about your sailing needs.