Sailmaking… Evolved – What does it mean?

We are all experienced sailmakers, we are craftsman, we are passionate professionals, and we are trying to do things better in an industry that could use some new ideas.

We thought what if…

  • We join forces with like minded passionate sailmakers to produce a better product?
  • We use modern technology to create a global collaborative network of designers and experts?
  • We use the seasonal differences between Southern and Northern hemispheres to our advantage?
  • We could help more people race faster, cruise farther and have more fun?
  • We innovate and grow our design and manufacturing technology in truly evolutionary ways?
  • We listen to sailors all over the world and deliver what they want?
  • When things get busy, we share the load as a group, keeping deliver times manageable?

We saw a better way to do things, a way to remain local, yet still have a global influence. That is how Evolution Sails came to be. As a group we have found stronger ways to design, engineer, build and deliver a more innovative product. We saw opportunities to collaborate with our colleagues around the world, to share knowledge, skills and resources – to truly benefit from the experience, and abilities of everyone in the group.   We saw the strength in creating a global organization that would support our local lofts and local talent by encouraging their creativity and passion.

We have a new way of doing things, new technology to share,  and what we think, is a better approach.   Maybe your goals include cruising the Mediterannean, winning Sydney/Hobart or IRC Nationals, Bucket Racing, Sportsboat competition, or just getting out on that weekday night race with your friends – who knows… but whatever you have planned, please consider Evolution Sails for your next new sail investment.