Cruising Symmetric Spinnakers


Whether you are simply enjoying an evening sail or hard-core offshore cruising, consider our Symmetrical Spinnakers. We design the spinnakers with the stability and ease of sail trim in mind. We only use the best nylon materials in three different weights to provide the ultimate in durability.

Our Cruising Spinnaker shapes are sculpted using a 3-D program by our in house designers. Since they actively sail on our local waters, their experience will provide you with a better performing sail to suit your needs. A smooth aerodynamic profile will now evolve to become a finished product that is custom built in our own local sail lofts. From stitching to hand finishing we assure you that our sailmakers have taken great pride while crafting you sail.

Sail features include: numbers, leech and foot control lines and hoop bag.

Optional extras: corporate logos, ATN tackers and dousing sleeves.



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