Racing Asymmetric Spinnakers

Evolution Sails offer a wide range of Asymmetrical spinnakers, from the Code Zero for light air close reaching to the A5 for higher wind speeds. Each sail is designed for a specific wind range and angles, to meet each individual customer’s need and their boat’s specifications.

Our spinnakers are multi panel, tri-radial built sails. Using only the best materials, woven nylon or polyester sailcloth, provides our customer with assurance they are sailing with quality.

> Downwind sail inventory optimized for your racing needs and class rules
 > Ease of use and handling for cruising application

The process starts with our Designer, who, using the latest sail design software creates a 3D mould of each sail and optimizes the panels layout to ensure the best possible flying shape is achieved.  A smooth aerodynamic profile will then evolve to become a finished product that is custom built in our local sail lofts. From stitching to hand finishing we assure you that our local sailmakers have taken great pride while crafting your sail.


Our racing spinnakers are individually designed for your racing requirements to give you the results you are looking for. Racing sails are sized for rating or class rules optimization.

To cover the full wind range, generally just one A-Sail will not be enough in your competitive environment. We can advise on the best mix to suit your racing and boat.


A1 – Light Air Reacher

The A1 has a reasonably flat luff and narrow shoulders to sail tight angles and improve light air performance.

It is made of light material to reduce the weight and let the sail fly properly in the light breeze.





A1.5 – Light Air Runner

The A1.5 combines the characteristics of the A1 and A2. It is slightly flatter and with narrower shoulders than the A2 to improve the light air performance, but it has a longer luff and mid-girth than the A1 to allow the sail to project for sailing deep angles.






A2 -Medium Air Runner

The A2 is a full, powerful sail designed for running in moderate breeze. It has the longest luff and largest girths of all of our spinnakers, allowing the sail to project to windward when sailing deep angles.

It is usually made of a light or medium cloth

A3 -Medium Air Reacher

The A3 is the choice for reaching in medium air. It is a full size sail made of medium weight material. The sail is designed flatter than the A2 to improve reaching but with a longer luff than the A1 to sail broader angles in moderate breeze.






A4 -Heavy Air Runner

The A4 is a full, powerful sail designed for running in heavy breeze. It is made of a heavier material and a slightly shorter luff length than the A2 to give that extra bit of stability needed in heavy breeze.





A5 -Heavy Air Reacher

The A5 is a heavy weather reaching sail, with a straighter luff, flatter entry and shape to help when there is plenty of power in your sails. It can be either a masthead or a fractional kite, depending on your needs.







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