You really can’t appreciate Evolution upwind cruising sails until you’ve sailed with them. When you ask people, who upgraded their cruising sails to Evolution what difference it made to their yacht, one answer sums up the experience: ‘’It feels like a new boat.’’ That’s because we go the distance to ensure you’ll enjoy going the extra miles. From our bespoke customisation design process, to our choice of only the best materials, whether you’re a coastal cruiser or adventuring offshore, you’ll get to experience for yourself that nothing performs like Evolution Sails.

Expedition Membranes

When you sail with an Evolution Expedition Membrane, you’ll realise it’s no ordinary sail. The fit of the sail is perfect, response and control are a joy for everyone on board. It’s our most durable sail and the ultra-low stretch even after thousands of cruising miles means your sails will stay in shape and keep performing wherever you are in the world.  But whether you’re a local or offshore performance cruising sailor you have to sail it to believe it.

Explorer Tri-radial

The shape of things to come. The Explorer range of Evolution Cruising Sails are perfect for those looking for high performance durable cruising sails. With three sail choices to choose from, Explorer tri radials are designed to hold their flying shape for much longer than the typical woven polyester sail.

For boats up to 50 feet, the Explorer is a hard-wearing polyester cruising laminate sail with an economical price. Our Explorer Plus line is also recommended for boats up to 50 feet, but features the latest advancements in ‘sandwich’ laminate technology giving excellent warp stretch performance and incredible tear strength.

And for boats over 50 feet, the Explorer Extra line features unmatched strength and longevity, thanks to its Hydra Net radial fabric. exceeding the specifications of the other wovens and many laminates.

Endeavor Woven

For boats under 35 feet, our Endeavour range of woven polyester (Dacron) cruising sails redefines the meaning of true value. Available in Endeavour and Endeavour Race series, it’s the perfect balance of uncompromising performance and durability.

Ideal for weekend cruising or Friday night club racing, Evolution Endeavour Woven’s are extremely durable cruising sails. And as with all Evolution Sails, we’ll custom design them for the perfect fit and performance for your yacht. As well as being low stretch they’re also UV resistant with cross cut panels. That means the denser and stronger fill yarns are aligned with the leech load paths which take the greatest stress. With Endeavour Woven’s you don’t have to spend lots of money to have lots of fun.

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