We aren’t like other Global Sailmaking groups. Some choose to offshore their manufacturing so they can exploit lower labor costs just to make a buck. If you order a sail from us in New Zealand, for example, we will build it there – designed by, built by, delivered by, and obsessed over by actual sailors; Guys who want to go for a sail with you and make sure your new sail is exactly what you want.

In The US, we have a great team of sailors who will be designing and building your next sail. People with real sailmaking experience, not just sailboat racers with experience selling and unpacking boxes. We are proud that we keep our sail manufacturing facilities onshore and employ hard working and skilled Americans – maybe that is why we have attracted some of the best talent in the industry since launching Evolution Sails in 2009. We are proud of our company, our product and that Evolution Sails are Made In The USA.