E-tech Membranes


When considering a lighter weight, high performance sail for local club racing or high performance offshore racing, nothing beats our E-Tech Membrane series. What differentiates this from off-the-shelf cloth is that we design and manufacture the fabric from start to finish in our membrane plant, ensuring a product which is of minimal weight and maximum shape retention.

> Our lightest sail
 > Maximum shape retention
 > Inshore racing
 > Performance offshore racing

E-Tech is laminated using Mylar Film, which by its nature is extremely light making it ideal for those looking for a lightweight and high-performance sail and who are willing to compromise on longevity. Internal taffeta can be added to enhance durability if required.
Being completely non-porous, water runs off E-Tech Mylar upon contact.

Our E-Tech sails are all glued together, the only place you will find stitching is around the detailing of the components. The advantages of glued rather than sewn seams include the elimination of seam creep, meaning the sail retains its flying shape for longer, and a reduction in sail weight due to the elimination of seam reinforcement and large seam overlaps.



Element Membrane Characteristics

Grade Durability Weight gms/sqm Water Wicking
0.75 **** ***** 57 *****
1.0 ***** **** 68.3 *****
Colour Selection – Clear






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