You don’t just unfurl an Evolution Spinnaker, you unleash it.

While all Evolution Sails are designed for sailing enthusiasts, we recognise that
some enthusiasts like to go faster than others. So, for sailors whose passion for
sailing makes the want to go faster than the norm, we introduce the Evolution
downwind range of racing sails. A powerful breed of racing sail with true high
performance character.


Racing Asymmetrical

The best of both worlds is here,  improved performance and ease of sail trim.
We have four wind range of racing asymmetric spinnakers or ‘A-sails’ to
choose from. But before we customise your sail we’ll find out what kind of
offshore racing you want to do. That’s because being able to cover the full
wind ranges from reaching to running means an expert tailored racing A sail
inventory will get you to the winners podium when you’re racing against the
best. It’s not unusual to have three plus asymmetric spinnakers and a code
zero on board. With only the finest nylon sail materials in use, you can be sure
you’re leaving nothing to chance when it’s time to race.


Racing Symmetrical

When it comes to racing your boat deserves a high-performance symmetrical
spinnaker. That’s because on the downwind leg there is so much potential for
gains and losses. With an Evolution symmetrical spinnaker, you’ll have the
advantage of being able to sail deeper downwind angles than with an
asymmetrical spinnakers, and even more so in lighter breezes. Make massive
gains and boat lengths of difference with an Evolution symmetrical sail. We
custom design them to your yacht to catch as much wind as possible, the key
to downwind speed.

With the perfect spinnaker, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the
opportunities to pass people and give yourself the best chance at success on
the downwind and get out in as many different conditions as possible.