Of all the cruising laminate sails available to you, this is the ultimate cruising laminate sail. Because it offers what Dacron sails can’t offer – the ability to stay in shape. And that changes the discussion from what a cruising sail can do, to how well it can do it.

That’s what Evolution cruising laminate sails are all about, how well it maintains its shape, how well it keeps your speed up, even how well it behaves and high wind conditions. In a word Evolution cruising laminate sails perform. It performs with ease of handling; it performs with a lower weight advantage and it performs with stretch resistance over time.

The advantages of cruising laminate sails maintaining their designed shape and lasting longer over time are significant. Because your yachts performance becomes seriously compromised when a sail loses it shape. These problems can include issues with upwind pointing, difficulty controlling heel, problems with sail handling (furling & flaking), recognisable creep, boat speed diminishing and changes in sailing angles. It’s harder to steer and loses responsiveness.

In light air laminate sails are faster because heavier Dacron sailcloth needs more wind to lift into shape. The key to what produces your yachts power. What’s more, cruising laminates are also faster when winds are strong.

And because laminate sails are lighter, they’re also a lot easier to handle, set and trim. Great performance in a cruising sail stems from its ease of handling. Laminate sails are designed to hold their shape in higher wind speeds, the same degree can’t be said of Dacron.

Because from an engineering viewpoint evolution cruising laminates are in perfect balance since it’s lighter weight the ability to furl is much easier than a heavier sail cloth like Dacron. And that makes cruising a whole lot easier for your crew, especially when the sails are customised for the perfect fit of your yacht by Evolution.