You can tell a lot about a sailor by the appearance of their cruising sails.

And with evolution cruising Spectra sails we’ve made it easy for you to keep up appearances. That’s because woven Spectra is a soft fabric that’s easy to fold and easy to furl but more than that it’s easy to maintain.

Say goodbye to those ugly mildew stains you see with Dacron on cruising laminates because woven Spectra resists mildew and dirt, so your sails will look better as they age and so will you.

Looks aren’t everything but they might be important to those aboard your yacht and the people you meet when you go cruising. Consider it a shrewd investment for the future. 

Cruising sails are a high performance product, it is just that high performance is defined a bit differently than with racing sails. We focus on design and materials that maximise the performance characteristics cruising sailors value – shape retention, durability, ease of handling, useful life and value. Woven Spectra panel sails deliver a great combination of sailing performance and value over time.

And we’ve always known performance comes down to the detail and the communication with our clients from the beginning. Because we start by asking you what you’re trying to achieve, what you want to do and what your dreams are with your boat. Then we’ll customize your sail to exactly what you want.

Sometimes at the beginning of a discussion you may think you need one particular sail to achieve your goal, but we often find after talking the sail you had in mind is not actually the sail you need to achieve your goal. That’s the evolution difference, it’s really the communication that makes a big difference in what we do to produce the end result and keep you the customer happy.

Woven Spectra is a soft fabric that is easy to fold and easy to furl. It’s chafe resistance which ensures a long useful life and limits repairs. Unlike Dacron cruising laminates, Woven Spectra resists mildew and dirt so your sails look better as they age – no more ugly mildew stains on the leach and foot of your roller furling genoa.

We’ve created hundreds of woven Spectra cruising sails and an enviable reputation for trouble-free cruising. We’ve also refined our design and manufacturing process to ensure each evolution sail delivers you long term durability and value you can depend upon.