Designing a cruising sail the combines race engineering and performance is a lot to ask. But the incredibly economical price of our woven polyester sails isn’t.

if you think that the combination of sophisticated technology, durability, versatility and value is a lot to ask of one sail, we won’t argue. We’ve seen some sail companies actually ask thousands of dollars more. But there’s a reason so many your owners of boats under 35 feet use Evolution woven polyester sails. Our Woven Polyester cruising sails offer the best balance between performance and durability at a lower price.

 You’ll know what we mean the moment you unfurl your cruising sail. Perfect for coastal cruising and day sailing, these are the most popular type of cruising sails for boats under 35 feet.  Whether your plans include weekending or passage making, these durable sails will meet your needs.

We’ve always known the best way to get the ultimate performance from your yacht, is to first understand what your yacht needs are, because not all sailors are the same. There are different displacement ratios, some have masted rigs, some have fractional rigs and so on.

Getting the ultimate performance comes down to understanding what the needs are for your specific style of boat. And that’s one of the things that we do extremely well. The ultimate performance doesn’t always come just from speed, but it comes from making the sails user friendly and easily handled.  Helping people sail further with their sails comes in a couple of different ways. It’s about making your sails user friendly, so the sails perform to your needs, but also making the right materials choice to go the distance. And not all sails will last the same amount of time, that’s why it’s really about making sure we are providing you with the customised solution.

We’re fortunate that most of our customers are repeat customers. A lot of them are repeat customers over a great many years. We’ve seen them start with a 30-footer and progress to a 40-footer and then to a 50-footer, and some of them far beyond that. And a woven polyester sail is sometimes their first sail they get from us.

Best Uses: Club Racing
Occasional Racing
Recreational Distance Racing
One Design